Azure Automation Powershell cmdlets

With the Azure Tool kit being updated last week we got a couple of cmdlets for Azure Automation, so now we are able to start, stop get jobs and so on from our runbooks in Azure Automation from on-premises.

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Using Powershell in Orchestrator

Over at the Hey Scripting Guy Blog Sean Kearney is filling in for Ed Wilson with a nice series of blog posts and tips on how to use Powershell in Orchestrator

Here is a collection of links to the posts:

Systems Center 2012 Orchestrator and PowerShell: Part 1

Systems Center 2012 Orchestrator and PowerShell: Part 2

Systems Center 2012 Orchestrator and PowerShell: Part 3

Systems Center 2012 Orchestrator and PowerShell: Part 4

Systems Center 2012 Orchestrator and PowerShell: Part 5

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Download Management Packs, OpsMgr 2007 and 2012 Beta

One nice features is the possibility to download MP’s from the Catalog in the OpsMgr Console.
I really like being able to download MP’s to disk, that way I can back up the actual .MP file. Not having to download a .MSI, installing it and remove it from Programs and Features / Add/Remove programs if I don’t want it there. What you don’t get when you download it from the Console is the Management Pack Guide, and that one needs to be read before importing the MP.
So, to get hold of the guide document from the Console you do as follows.

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Manage multiple Management Groups with PowerShell

Sometimes we have more than one Management Group (MG), production, test and maybe a development environment. When opening the Operations Manager Console it connects with the last MG you were connected to. This is controlled by the registry value SDKServiceMachine in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\User Settings

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Putting Unix/Linux servers in MM with Powershell

I saw a question in the TechNet forum today on how to schedule Maintenance mode for Unix/Linux servers.
After some testing this powershell script came out, put it in the task scheduler to automate it, or even better put it in the Opalis policy that is taking care of your maintenance..

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Making Gateway approval easier

I am right now deploying a lot of Gateway servers so to make the Gateway approval a little easier I wrote a little script.

There is probably some way of doing this even better, but here goes:

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Opalis and OpsMgr versions

Word is that we will se Opalis 6.3 on 25th of November. Support for installing on Windows server 2008 and integration packs for more System Center products is the news there.

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SQL Job duration in SQL MP v6.1.314.36

I have a customer with a lot of SQL Agent Jobs that are being monitored on Job duration and after upgrading the SQL MP to 6.1.314.36 they didn’t get alerted when the SQL Agent Jobs was running for to long.

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Edit Company Knowledge

When you try to edit Company Knowledge on a rule or a monitor you need Word installed from Office Professional, not standard professional! And then you need to install “Visual Studio Tools For Office runtime”. If you don’t have VSTOR installed you will get the following error:_

_ Visual Studio Tools For Office runtime is not installed.


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Install OpsMgr on SQL 2008 R2

When installing OpsMgr on SQL 2008 R2 the installation will not find the SQL instance and give the following error: Microsoft SQL Server is required. Please see details

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