Download Management Packs, OpsMgr 2007 and 2012 Beta

One nice features is the possibility to download MP’s from the Catalog in the OpsMgr Console.
I really like being able to download MP’s to disk, that way I can back up the actual .MP file. Not having to download a .MSI, installing it and remove it from Programs and Features / Add/Remove programs if I don’t want it there. What you don’t get when you download it from the Console is the Management Pack Guide, and that one needs to be read before importing the MP.
So, to get hold of the guide document from the Console you do as follows.

Go to Administration, right click Management Packs (you can right click anywhere) and chose Download Management Packs.

Chose your download location and then click Add

Search for the MP you want to download, and select it in the list. Then click Properties


And there you have it!


A nice feature here would be to right click and Save As, but that doesn’t work. How ever you can click it and it will open in Word, if you don’t have Word installed you can mark it and copy the the link with Ctrl+C and paste it in a browser to open it on another machine.

Written on July 22, 2011